Supporting Academic Integrity in your teaching

UNSW has an ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of learning informed by academic integrity, a principle that all UNSW staff and students have a responsibility to adhere to. Plagiarism undermines academic integrity and is not tolerated at UNSW.  

The UNSW Student Code provides a framework for the standard of conduct expected from UNSW students with respect to academic integrity and behaviour. Where a student breaches the Student Code with respect to academic integrity the University may take disciplinary action under the Student Misconduct Procedure.

If you are concerned about academic integrity and plagiarism in your classroom:

How can The Learning Centre assist?

  • The Learning Centre can assist by collaborating with you to embed in your curriculum our Moodle module Working with Academic Integrity (see below)
  • You can link your courses to our online resources on Academic Skills.
  • If you think students could benefit from developing their academic skills, you can  refer them to an individual consultation or a workshop (or both).

'Working with Academic Integrity' Moodle Module

Starting the conversation with students about working with academic integrity in your discipline is often hard. It involves terms such as integrity, misconduct, referencing, conventions, plagiarism, academic practices, citations and evidence based learning, all considered basic concepts that successful students in any field of study need to understand. The challenge is that each community of practice has their own norms and expectations.

Our interactive, six lessons  self-pace  Moodle module, ‘Working with Academic Integrity’, attempts to help you with starting this conversation within a course context. It can be embedded within a course and help ‘prepare’ students for a written assignment or used to ‘repair’ after the first assessment. It has many applications. It’s been used in a flipped classroom Q&A context, as a resource attached to assessments, as a forum topic, as a compulsory activity and the list goes on. It is an adaptable tool that will inform and start the conversation of what is valued in your discipline and signal the importance of good academic practice to your students.

If you would like to have a look at the module:

If you would like to embed the module in your course please contact  Gwyn Jones ( and she will send you the Embedding Instructions and answer any of your questions.