Awards & Citations

Teaching and Learning Citation to Gwyn Jones and Patsie Polly

Gwyn Jones (The Learning Centre) and A/Prof Patsie Polly (Medical Science) have been chosen to receive a Federal Goverment Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

The citation was received for: Developing written research communication skills in undergraduate science students using a community of practice approach which is 'in time' not 'just in time'. It was one of only two OLT Citations received by UNSW this year.

The ViceChancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence to Dr Dominic Fitzsimmons

The Learning Centre congratulated staff member, Dr Dominic Fitzsimmons, on being awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Sessional Teaching.

The Australasian Engineering Education Excellence Awards 2010

Congratulations to Learning Adviser Pam Mort.

WRiSE (Write Reports in Science and Engineering) is an online learning environment for university students who are writing reports in science and engineering. A citation from the Australasian Association for Engineering Education was awarded for the WRISE website team, including Pam.

Dr. Sue Starfield

Learning Centre Director Sue Starfield has received an ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2008.

The Australian Learning and Teaching Council (formerly the Carrick Institute) recognised Sue Starfield for the development of a research-led innovative curriculum to support postgraduate research students' writing with significant impact on the field of postgraduate writing.

Learning Centre and the Faculty of Engineering

In the 2007 round of awards The Carrick Institute recognised The Learning Centre and the Faculty of Engineering's partnership approach to embed academic literacy within disciplinary contexts. The citation is for 'an outstanding contribution to developing student academic literacy in the Faculty of Engineering UNSW: A partnership approach between Faculty and the Learning Centre'. The Carrick Citations are granted to people who have made a significant contribution to the quality of student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period. 

Pam Mort of The Learning Centre and colleagues from the Faculty of Engineering (Chris Daly, Robin Ford, Paul Hagan and Iain Skinner) have, over the last eight years, developed a sustained and productive relationship for improving all students' academic literacy, encompassing the full range of study from undergraduate coursework to postgraduate research. This contrasts with the more common approach in which university learning support services at universities are usually viewed as separate from professional study and being suitable only for remedial assistance of students who need to improve their English language.

This collaboration has resulted in a variety of original instructional and resource-based approaches that contextualise the writing process and academic literacy expectations within core courses and programs in a number of engineering schools. The resources include:

  • Original writing and study guides that support students’ development of academic literacy and communication skills. These guides are integrated into the program; the writing guide defines the report writing standards for course assignments and there is a direct link to the assessment criteria. View some sample pages here.
  • Lectures and tutorials are given by academic staff and Learning Centre staff (using a team-teaching approach) to clarify lecturers’ expectations and advise students on key challenges that they face when writing in the specific discipline. These shared classes have targeted engineering students at all stages of their program, including writing the Bachelor Thesis.
  • Elective courses have been developed for undergraduate students and research students that explore the nature of academic discourse in engineering, promote critical self reflection on communication skills and provide guidance for improving academic literacy.
  • A writing assessment tool has been developed for ENGG1000 (a core first year course for all engineering students). This tool is used to give feedback to students about their academic literacy including a recommendation to enrol in a relevant elective course if needed.
  • Online resources have been expanded and are either publicly available on The Learning Centre website or in Web Vista course modules.

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