What else can The Learning Centre do to assist UNSW staff?

The Learning Centre can assist UNSW staff with early assessment of students’ academic literacy skills. We are experienced in devising assessment tasks and providing feedback to students and can discuss academic literacy support options with you.

We have been working with the Faculty of Engineering since 2005 to deliver early diagnostic assessment of their entire first year cohort's academic writing abilities. Early identification of at risk students enables them to be advised of appropriate support options.

You may have identified a need in the majority of your students. In these instances, Learning Advisers can collaborate with you to:


Refine assessment tasks and feedback criteria

The Learning Centre has extensive experience in designing and supporting writing diagnostic activities. These diagnostic tasks provide students with feedback on a small sample of writing early in their course / program, and help students to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. The example below is from ENGG1000.


This approach can be most effective as skills and attributes are often best understood and better applied when they are presented in the context of a discipline.


Co-Facilitate lectures

The Learning Centre staff often team teach with faculty staff on topics related to academic skills and communication skills. The lecture materials can also be extended via links to additional learning materials in the Moodle component of a course. The example below is from ENGG1000.